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AquaSPT Water Level Logger, Sensor Range 0-3ft, 25ft Cable

Item No.:
8.00 LBS
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This is the best low cost pressure transducer available to measure ground water level, river level, lake level, or any water body where USGS primary record accuracy is not required. The AquaSPT is a true 2-wire transmitter with 4-20 mA output, and operates on 9 VDC. The 2490 comes with a data logger which records 6000 readings and it is programmable from one reading per minute to one reading per hour.

The AquaSPT is all stainless steel, rugged and simple to operate. It is .75 inches in diameter allowing insertion into small diameter wells for ground water level monitoring. Several scale ranges are available to meet all of your water level/pressure requirements.

The jacket of the electrical cable is thick and rugged. Inside, along with the wires, is a small tube for venting the back side of the transducer into the air for automatic compensation of atmospheric pressure changes. Cable lengths up to 500 ft can be ordered. Please us 25ft Increments.

When sizing an SPT, pick a range slightly larger than the maximum expected change in water level or pressure. Remember, that when you put an SPT into a stream, you don't have to go to the bottom of the stream, but only deep enough to get below the lowest expected water level.

These transducers have an accuracy of .2% FS. Accuracy for PT's is always as a percentage of FS (Full Scale). Therefore you want to use the smallest possible range that works for your application to minimize your error. Example: a 10 PSI PT, the range is 23'. The accuracy is .2% of 23' = .046' = ±.55".

Note: 1 PSI (pounds per square inch) = 2.3' of H2O = 27" of H20.


804-001-00 2490 AquaSPT-Range 0-3 ft., 25ft Cable 8 lbs.