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Collapsible-Basket, Sampler

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12.00 LBS

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Benthic In-Stream Samplers

Collapsible-Basket Sampler

This sampler is used if the objective is to compare sampler catches with the population of a surrounding rocky substrate. The basket can be loaded with materials simulating the natural bed on which it lies. This sampler is useful for lakes, shallow streams, or for deep, swift rivers. The sampler consists of a collapsible basket holding gravel or rocks and is surrounded by a nylon netting bag of 1/2" sq. in. mesh. A 18" SST rim around the top helps retain the gravel. When lowered to the bottom, the basket collapses to form an area of gravel that is subsequently colonized. When raised off the bottom, the basket extends to its original hemispherical shape and the surrounding net bag prevents loss of invertebrates during retrieval.

604-180 Collapsible-Basket Sampler 12 lbs.