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Gerloch Trough Runoff Sediment Sampler

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8.00 LBS

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In the study of sediment yield with different kinds of land use, Gerlach troughs of various designs have been used. Gerlach troughs capture surface runoff and channel the slurry into a sealed bucket that is used to document sediment yields from unbounded plots. These have been used extensively by the USGS in Puerto Rico with excellent results. The trough is an aluminum channel 20" long with a 3/4" hose connection for collection in a 5 gallon Screw-Top Pail. The top of the trough has a galvanized sheet metal rain cover. Installation consists of digging an area the width and length of the trough, creating a slight slope in the direction of the runoff hole. Insert the trough, anchoring the 2-inch lip in the soil. Backfill the area under the trough; then connect a clear nylon hose to the trough's hose barb.  Nylon Hose needs to be ordered seperately.

Place the bucket far enough downhill to prevent backup into the drain line. If a large amount of precipitation is anticipated, an additional drain hole can be installed above the first drain hole with runoff into a 2.5 or 5 gallon Screw-top Pail.


407-050 Gerlach Sampler

407-051 3/4in I.D. Clear Nylon Hose - 10 ft. 0.4 lb.