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Ultrasonic Level Sensor, Up to 50ft Range, 4-20 mA, 6ft Cable

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6.00 LBS
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808-003-00 Aquasonic 2-50 ft. 6 lbs.

The Aquasonic 7000 ultrasonic sensor system is a non-contact sensor that measures the distance to a surface through air. Thus, the system can be used to detect and monitor water levels. The system has an SDI-12 interface for communicating with other SDI-12 data loggers or data collection platforms (DCP's).

The sensor operates by transmitting sound waves through the air. The sound waves reflect off the target and echo back to the sensor. The system calculates the distance between the sensor and the target on the basis of the time interval between the transmission and the echo.

The Aquasonic 7000 Ultrasonic Sensor System consists of a controller, the remote sensor head, and an interconnecting coaxial cable. The controller is housed in a polycarbonate NEMA 4 enclosure that measures 6.3 inches long by 3.2 inches wide by 2.2 inches tall. A four-digit LED display and four push buttons, located on a faceplate under the enclosure cover, are used to set up the unit for operation and to view the current measurement reading or sensor temperature. An ON/OFF pushbutton is also located on the faceplate. Four screws on the cover must be removed to access the display and pushbuttons.

The sensor head is housed in a type 304 stainless steel NEMA enclosure that is 2.35 inches in diameter by 3.5 inches long. The sensor head has a ceramic-type transducer for use in wet, condensing environments. The ceramic transducer has three sensing ranges (distance from sensor head to water level) of 0.6 to 16 feet, 1.5 to 35 feet and 2 to 50 ft.

The sensor head, connected by coaxial cable, can be located up to 2,000 feet from the controller. A three-wire cable connects the controller to an SDI-12 data logger/DCP.

The system has a specified accuracy of ±0.2 percent of range with no temperature gradient present in the air column. The sensor head contains an internal thermistor that measures the sensor temperature. This allows for compensation in the readings for temperature changes and helps ensure the accuracy of the measurements throughout daily and seasonal temperature changes. The minimum change that the system can detect (resolution) is 0.1 inch (0.008 foot).

The 50 foot operating range of the Aquasonic 7000 sensor is ideal for measuring the level of reservoirs or stream levels where the sensor must be elevated 20 or more feet above the stream bed. The sensor can be set up to operate with short run times of 10 seconds or less making use with battery powered systems possible. The 4-20 mA output can be scaled over any interval throughout the sensor's operating range. One of the relays can be configured to provide loss-of-echo indication.

The Aquasonic 7000 sensors are easily programmed through a DOS based utility program. When the program is initiated, the current sensor settings are displayed. The user can then change the settings based on the application. All settings are stored in memory so the sensor will hold the user settings each time it is shut down.

The user settings control the sensitivity, blanking, transmit pulses, scaling of the analog signal, calibration, temperature compensation and engineering units. The calibration can be adjusted to improve accuracy based on the environmental conditions. There are no adjustments for sample rate or filtering. Although the sensors may be run continuously, they are designed for short run times with the sample rate maximized and specialized echo qualification filtering. This ensures the highest accuracy possible.